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Whether you are planning to sell, merge, finance or grow through acquisition, the Chartered Business Valuators at Vine have the industry experience and specialized training to expertly value your business and to provide you with the market insight needed to gain an invaluable advantage during important negotiations.

We have experience with businesses across a broad range of industries, including:

  • alternative energy                                          
  • high-tech, including startups
  • airports
  • semi-conductor device manufacturing          
  • dental & veterinary practices
  • aluminum & zinc die casting                        
  • restaurant & hospitality
  • tool & die
  • power conversion supply manufacturer
  • farm corporations          
  • manufacturing: animal feed, specialty steel, glass products, robotics                      
  • leasing
  • transportation/logistics                               
  • direct mail services
  • landscape supply                                         
  • auto body repair
  • software and other consulting                     
  • real estate agents and brokerage                                    
  • construction
  • insurance brokerage
  • audiology clinics
  • retail and grocery stores
  • cigarette manufacturer
  • fire alarm & installation
  • wholesalers & distributors                                     
  • paper and other recycling businesses
  • holding companies                                               
  • golf course
  • engineering consulting                                 
  • financial planning services                                     
  • accounting, tax and law practices
  • automobile dealerships                                
  • environmental consulting
  • community newspapers                               
  • construction/mechanical contracting




Disputes arise when each side has a different point-of-view. Our financial litigation support specialists help resolve conflicts by researching the facts and providing objective, evidence-based reports and credible analyses in complex family law, shareholder, estate, tax and corporate matters. We also help by quantifying economic losses suffered on breach of contract, wrongful dismissal, personal injury or wrongful death. Our credible testimony and expert reports can help you to minimize litigation costs.




Starting something new or investing in new technologies? Minimize the risks and assess the potential for growth by having our experts at Vine determine the value of emerging market businesses, intellectual property and innovative technologies, and give you a competitive edge in new business ventures.




We help family law lawyers to determine the quantum of net family property for equalization purposes by valuing each spouse's personal and business assets and liabilities (including tax and other disposition costs) at date of marriage and date of separation. As appropriate, our work includes the diligent tracing of property claimed to be excluded from equalization

We also quantify income available for child and spousal support purposes and identify income that may need to be imputed to a spouse, such as income from diverted underutilized assets, from favourable tax rates or arising from spouse's underemployment, among others.

Our reports are clear and objective, meet the hightest professional standards and are based on evidence independently obtained and carefully documented.

We can also critique opposing expert's report and provide witness testimony in court.

Our experts are trained in collaborative family law principles and can assist cohabiting parties to understand both the current and future financial impact of entering into a Cohabitation Agreement. We assist legal counsel by ensuring valuations of business and personal assets on the day the Cohabitation Agreement is signed and fair, and the definitions of future value and income are comprehensive and consistent.


Working with tax specialists, we help personal and corporate clients with complex corporate reorganizations by expertly valuing business assets and liabilities.





We provide a full range of services related to shareholder agreement and buyouts, which includes the valuation of businesses, minority interest appraisals, and forensic investigations. Our expert advice can provide assurance that the financial terms of shareholder agreements are fair, appropriate and can be compiled with. If needed, we can provide expert witness testimony in the case of shareholder disputes, or critique an opposing expert report. Our credible work will help you minimize risks and preempt costly litigation proceedings.