“Vine and Partners provided us with a vision of how our family business will grow and change and continue to prosper while bringing in new generations to keep it strong and they are making sure that we understand and attain our goals. They had the expertise to evaluate our business, reorganize the share structure, and work with our lawyers to make the changes seamless. Vine and Partners has been our valued service provider for 30 years and going through this process only reaffirms our commitment to their services.”
- W. Moore Spors, Moore Environmental Systems Ltd.

“When considering succession planning, it is essential to get advice,counsel and insight from professionals who have your best interest in mind. Vine and Partners created a detailed plan with us including employee agreements, estate planning, tax planning and lease agreements, all with our best interests in mind. We now look foward to financial betterment in the years to come.”
- Kristy Barber-Feaver, Avondale Restaurant Equipment

“We are 4 years young and needed help restructuring due to our quick growth. My relationship with the Vine and Partners is priceless. They take a personal interest in our business and we truly have trusted advisors that I now include with each critical decision. I only wish, I had found them sooner.”
- B. McLeod, President, Mentor Works Ltd.